mGrip: designed to solve your toughest gripping challenges


In 2019 Tecoma becomes the only official distributor in Italy of Soft Robotics, an American company that designs and manufactures advanced handling systems such a, the mGrip modular adaptive system.

The mGrip allows you to quickly create handling systems with unlimited configurations and extremely quick assembly. Each mGrip kit comes with the components needed to build, validate and install production-ready systems in few minutes.

What we offer is a flexible and integrated gripping system, able to grasp and manipulate objects with the same dexterity as the human hand and thanks to the science of materials applied to handling, mGrip with all its technology, is positioned on the market as a "user-friendly" gripping hand, FDA certified (Accepted in Food Processing) and at a low cost.

Therefore, Soft Robotics system offers you all the advantages of advanced robotic automation, without the traditional additional costs of programming, setting and changing tools.

Finally, the technology for manipulation for small and medium companies!

mGrip Mini Fingers Rolls 1  mGrip Mini Finger Grippers - 1   mGrip Mini Fingers Lightbulb 3   mgrip eggplant1    

mGrip 4C - 2  mGrip Mini Fingers Primary Chocolate Packaging 16  mGrip 4P - 3  mGrip Cookies 2-01  mGrip 2P UR+ 

mGrip 6P - 1   mgrip strawberry1  mGrip Finger Sizes   ​mGrip Cosmetics WM 2-01


Here are some videos of manipulation tests carried out on different types of food:

- Vegetable (eggplant)

- Meatball

- Snacks

- Meat steak

- Fish (clean and scaled)

Video illustrating the functioning of the mGrip system:





Brochure MGrip_UR Kit_Mini Finger Brochure MGrip_UR Kit_Mini Finger - File pdf (0.62 M) Download
mGrip Cobot Kits mGrip Cobot Kits - File pdf (0.67 M) Download