Smart vision system for human-robot cooperation.



Smart Robots provides advanced perception and intelligent capabilities to robots that work side by side with humans, enabling effective human robot collaboration.

Smart Robots device SRv1 integrates 3D vision capabilities and artificial intelligence layers, which allow to transform a collaborative robot in a co-worker.



Collision Avoidance

The system can detect human presence in the workingarea, slow down the robot to avoid a collision and generate alternative trajectories to guarantee task efficiency.


Gesture Interaction

The robot can be controlled with out the need of a physicalin terface; the operator can directly interact with the robot and command it through gestures.


Autonomous Scheduling

Robot’s activities are re-planned in real time to optimise the efficiency of the process, based on human position, prediction of the next human action, pieces availability.


Manual Rescheduling

The operator can select the desired operation by simply moving the robot to a specific area while in manual driving. To different areas are assigned different robot programs.


Installation and Configuration:

The system has to be placed to an elevated location withr espect to the work area. Communication with the robot is ensured by ethernet connection. A dedicated HMI can be displayed on a monitor connected to the system; it provides feedback regarding the robot status and operations, a natural user interface for gestures interaction and customizable fields. APIs and template programs available on robot controller.

Compatible with the majority of cobots brands. UniversalRobots (UR3, UR5, UR10), ABB YuMi, Kawasaki DUARO, Comau AURA. Software update with Rethink Robotics and Kuka compatibility will be soon released.





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